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Some example projects, ideas, and things todo with phatIO.

Doing useful things with phatIO

Larson Scanner
Scanning LEDS ala Knight Rider
Webometer: Displaying internet data
Display numbers from the internet on a 7-segment display - twitter followers/unread emails etc.

Sensors and Input devices

Simple Keyboard Hacks
Ideas for what to do with phatIO’s keyboard simulation
Basic ADC - Analogue to Digital Conversion
Some ideas and techniques for using phatIO ADC capable pins.
Passive Infra Red Sensors
Simple movement detection with a cheap Passive Infra Red Sensor (PIR).

Ways to Communicate with phatIO

Controlling phatIO from HTML in a web browser
Use some browsers support for local file access to control phatIO
Dropbox integration
Linux and OS X computers can share phatIO files to dropbox allowing control from other computers

Controlling LEDs and Displays

LCD Displays
Write text to a file to display it on an LCD display
LED dislay Control with the ht16k33
Communicate with popular TWI LED controllers
Multiplexing 7-Segment Displays
Directly controlling multiple 7-segment displays.
Simple Control of LED Matrix
Directly controlling an LED Matrix using phatIO’s IO pins.

Interfacing to Integrated Circuits

Using the MCP23017/MCP23S17 IO Expander
Adding another 16 IO ports using a SPI or I2C expander.

Planned but code not completed or documented.


To contribute an idea or make an enhancement or correction to an existing one, create a pull request on the git repository, or mail. Your contriubtions are welcomed and will be credited. Any questions please use the forums

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