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The phatIO project has finished, and I'm no longer selling ready made boards - but you're welcome to look around - send any questions to the email below

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Windows Update

Two windows specific updates:

First, Dropbox Integration was succesfully tested on Windows 8 - it should work with all versions of Windows from Vista onwards. This means that a phatIO directory can be exported to dropbox and the files edited remotely - even shared with other users. This is a very cheap way of remoting IO - you can send something to a display or turn a device on, from across the world, by simply plugging in a phatIO and installing Dropbox.

Secondly, phatIO user Nadim - who is using a phatIO as part of an exciting project that scans 14 of the phatIO IO pins onto a PC every second. He’s sent in the Windows C# code that retrieves the value of the phatIO pin files, bypassing the Windows/Filesystem Cache:

private int getPinStatus(int whichPin)
	int pinStatus = 0;
	FileStream fileStream = new FileStream(phatIOPinPath + whichPin,
					FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read, FileShare.Read, 8,
                    (FileOptions)0x20000000 | FileOptions.WriteThrough
						 & FileOptions.SequentialScan);
	string fileContents;

	using (StreamReader reader = new StreamReader(fileStream))
		fileContents = reader.ReadToEnd();

	pinStatus = int.Parse(fileContents);
	return pinStatus;

Any questions and comments please email or tweet

Andrew, 8th January 2013

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